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Choosing a Wedding DJ

Nearly all clients believe that entertainment is the determining factor in the success of their event. You will always be able to find a “good price,” the more important question should be, what is the value that you will receive? Remember, you only have one chance to do it right. Let me guess, you have never hired a wedding dj? We can help! Here are our 5 Tips for how to choose a wedding dj.

5 Tips for How to Choose a Wedding DJ

Style & Personality – Your DJ is going to help set the tone of the evening. That means that style and personality do matter. One thing you can do is instead of just getting a quote via email, meet with your DJ to go over your vibe, music styles and needs. You want to ensure that they have the right style and personality not only to match you and your fiancé, but to also manage your reception.Communication & Articulation – This might come as a surprise, but communication and articulation are extremely important. Once you find the right DJ you want to make sure that they can announce, communicate and articulate. Not only to your guests but also to your other vendors. For example, when its time for the cake cutting, it’s the DJ/MC’s responsibility to inform the photographer and videographer so that they do not miss a moment on camera. It’s also part of our role to make sure the right people are in the room so that they don’t miss those special moments.  Interaction with Guests – It’s all about conveying energy, emotion and a positive experience. There are many ways a DJ will interact with your guests, from announcing that they join the newlyweds on the dance floor for this dance to show their love and appreciation to teaching the cupid shuffle if that’s what you want. Music conveys love and happiness and your DJ/MC will convey the energy and emotion.Take Requests – Your DJ should be able to adjust to the crowd. From the list of songs and genre’s that you give her that you like to taking requests, it’s all about knowing when to the play the right song at the right time. It’s also important to know what the must play songs are and what songs not to play. It also makes your wedding day more memorable and personable not only for you but for your guests as well, when the DJ can play songs that you guests love to dance to. It’s also your wedding day, so if you do not want the DJ to take requests, let them know.Manage/Direct the Flow of Activities – DJs who understand the flow of activities and flow of music are able to build momentum and keep the evening flowing smoothly. For example, if the bride and groom are an hour late, you now only have 3 hours for your reception. Your DJ should be able to adapt and make changes to the flow of activities so that you and your guests do not feel rushed and still get enjoy the evening over dinner and have time for dancing!

The last thing you want is to find that a “good price” DJ is the worst money you have ever saved. Remember you have one chance.


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